DJ Shadow - Action Adventure “Shatter” Vinyl Variant

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The design team at Mass Appeal (Mark Bijasa and John Notarfrancesco) outdid themselves on this super-dope new vinyl variant of my latest LP, Action Adventure. Limited to 1000 copies, the familiar cover art has been “shattered” by the Dagger Man, almost as if he’s coming to get YOU. The motif doesn’t end there, as the back cover, interior sleeve art, and even the vinyl itself have all been reimagined. Both discs are strikingly marbled black and white, making each copy totally unique.


Track List

  1. Ozone Scraper
  2. All My
  3. Time and Space
  4. Craig, Ingels, & Wrightson
  5. Witches Vs. Warlocks
  6. A Narrow Escape
  7. You Played Me
  8. Free For All
  9. The Prophecy
  10. Friend Or Foe
  11. Fleeting Youth (An Audible Life)
  12. Reflecting Pool
  13. Forever Changed
  14. She’s Evolving