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DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow - The Less You Know, The Better (Czech Version - Jewel Case) (CD)

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Hi everyone, Shadow here. I spent about 2 years on this one, on and off. Put everything I had into it. Wanted to make a record that reflected a lot of what I'm liking about music right now. Tried not to worry about the naysayers or rock critics, but definitely had my true fans in mind. For those that stuck around, I hope you like what you hear...I think this is one of the good ones. Your support is massively appreciated, now more than ever.

'The Less You Know The Better' by DJ Shadow (Czech Version - Jewel Case). Shadow is back, and better than ever with this fresh new album.

Technology, gadgets, and corporations have taken over the planet, and the only way to fight back is to serve them their own medicine. When you see a billboard with an ad for the newest teenage drama queen movie, or the newest animated disaster, think of Roland the iPad saying "Who Cares?" When you see ads plastered on city streets for liquor or the newest car, think of Seth the iPhone saying "This Sucks." Titania, the laptop is a silent symbol to accompany Seth and Roland, representing the evolution of the human mind-state into complete and utter reliance on the ever-powerful computer.

These characters are bold messages in the war of information and control.

Without going much further, we'll just let you listen to the brand new, and better than ever DJ Shadow.

Label: Island Records / Verve
Released: Oct 3rd, 2011
1. Back to Front (Circular Logic)
2. Border Crossing
3. Stay the Course ft. Posdnuos and Talib Kweli
4. I've Been Trying
5. Sad and Lonely
6. Warning Call (feat. Tom Vek)
7. Tedium
8. Enemy Lines
9. Going Nowhere
10. Redeemed
11. Run for Your Life
12. Give Me Back the Nights
13. I Gotta Rokk
14. Scale It Back ft. Little Dragon
15. Circular Logic (Front to Back)
16. (Not So) Sad and Lonely