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DJ Shadow

LIQUID AMBER: Ruckazoid - Scratchgod EP (12" Vinyl)

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The third release from DJ Shadow's new imprint LIQUID AMBER comes from fellow California native Ruckazoid, with his 3-track EP 'Scratchgod I'.

"It’s created straight off scratching only, according to the “SCRATCHGOD.” If so, praise to you as well Ruckazoid. We’re not worthy." -URB

"The most awesome thing about “Money,” besides the fact that it’s an amazing track, is that it was recorded live, and it highlights the artist’s incredible skill in sampling, mixing, looping, and scratching." -Sensible Reason

"Anyone who thinks that real DJing and turntablism are dead is dead WRONG! Case in point—the DJ Shadow-approved and self-proclaimed Scratch God known as Ruckazoid." -Heady T