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LIQUID AMBER: Bleep Bloop - 10 Watt Lazers EP (7" Vinyl)

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Bleep Bloop - 10 Watt Lazers EP - 7"

The second release from DJ Shadow's new imprint LIQUID AMBER comes from fellow California native Bleep Bloop (Aaron Triggs), with his 3-track EP '10 Watt Lazers,' out now.

Following a slew of original tracks, remixes, and collaborations that made waves through the electronic avant-garde, Bleep Bloop is releasing his debut EP on Liquid Amber. The 3-track EP is a calling card for his sound which can only be defined as #OUTERSPACE.

Bringing a crunchy, laser-filled onslaught of new spacey creations, from the EP's wobbly title track to the hip-hop-infused grime banger 'Denial,' Bleep Bloop is set to put himself on the map as one of the beat scene’s most promising young artists.

DJ Shadow and Bleep Bloop first linked up in 2013 when Triggs heard DJ Shadow playing one of the tracks featured on his 'Tilt' EP. Bleep Bloop later collaborated with DJ Shadow on ‘Blast Off’, a union of two artists that Do Androids Dance called “A partnership that totally makes sense, since both producers are rooted in hip hop but have taken it to amazing and bizarre places.”
released 09 December 2014