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DJ Shadow

Stone Coal White - Stone Coal White (12" Vinyl)

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Label: Cali-Tex / Numero Group
Released: July 12th, 2011

The first offering from DJ Shadow’s Cali-Tex
imprint in over 3½ years features Dayton,
Ohio’s Stone Coal White. Perhaps the most
underground act in a scene that was already
vastly subterranean, bassist Melvin Payne,
guitarist Tommy Mundy, and drummer Joey
“Lobo” Rodrick released their sound from
the deepest chasm of the black experience.
Channeling Vietnam nightmares, grass, LSD,
unhinged sexuality, poverty, and violence,
Stone Coal White created a spiritual sound
that was uniquely their own.

Some will recognize “You Know” from the
black psych bible Chains & Black Exhaust,
but as the group’s two 45s exist in single digit
quantities, only a handful have heard the rest
of their Saigon-damaged oeuvre. Their two
45s have been bolstered with four previously
unissued tracks found in the basement of a
now-condemned motorcycle gang hideout.
Along with never before seen photos, this
unheard slice of gritty, hazed-out Ohio psych-
rock finally gets its due beyond the cranked-out
bikers for whom it was originally intended.