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DJ Shadow

Solesides Greatest Bumps (2CD)

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Label: Quannum Projects
Released: 2000

Nobody could have predicted the impact these young upstarts from Davis, California, would have on the hip-hop world. Their debut 12-inch in 1993 seemed novel, a track a piece by Blackalicious and Lyrics Born and an instrumental cut-and-paste symphony by DJ Shadow.

It took the hip-hop community by storm, though, and the fledgling label was elevated to elite status when Latyrx (Lyrics Born and Lateef) and DJ Shadow dropped their monumental mid-90s debuts. With their rare funk samples and heady, tongue-tying lyricism, Solesides helped jump-start the vaunted independent hip-hop revolution of the past decade.

This release presents Solesides' growth and maturation and offers some of their rarest out-of-print and vinyl-only gems, a blistering new posse cut ("Blue Flames"), and a host of freestyles and demos. Other highlights include Blackalicious' "Count and Estimate" and selections from their Melodica EP.

Though the core of Solesides record today under the Quannum moniker, Grestest Bumps chronicles a spirit, innocence, and freshness that resuscitated hip-hop.