DJ Shadow's New Album out November 15

I’m ecstatic to tell you that I have a new album coming, and it’s quite possibly the biggest of my career.

The title of the project is Our Pathetic Age, and it will be released on November 15th. Clocking in at nearly  90 minutes, and with over 20 brand new full-length tracks, it’s my first official double-album. There’s an instrumental suite representing some of my more ethereal and electronic leanings, as well as a vocal suite which leans more toward traditional hip-hop. It’s safe to say that whatever side of my musical personality suits you, you’ll find something to sink your teeth into. Here is the album artwork, as well as the full tracklisting:


(Instrumental Suite)

1. Nature Always Wins
2. Slingblade
3. Intersectionality
4. Beauty, Power, Motion, Life, Work, Chaos, Law
5. Juggernaut
6. Firestorm
7. Weightless
8. Rosie
9. If I Died Today
10. My Lonely Room
11. We Are Always Alone

(Vocal Suite)

12. Drone Warfare (feat. Nas and Pharaohe Monch)
13. Rain On Snow (feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon)
14. Rocket Fuel (feat. De La Soul)
15. C.O.N.F.O.R.M. (feat. Gift of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker and Infamous Taz)
16. Small Colleges (Stay With Me) (feat. Wiki and Paul Banks)
17. JoJo’s Words (feat. Stro)
18. Kings & Queens (feat. Run The Jewels)
19. Taxin’ (feat. Dave East)
20. Dark Side Of The Heart (feat. Fantastic Negrito and Jumbo is Dr.ama)
21. I Am Not A Robot (Interlude)
22. Urgent Important Please Read (feat. Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe and Daemon)
23. Our Pathetic Age (feat. Sam Herring)

Instrumentally, I think this is my most cohesive and satisfying set since the What Does Your Soul Look Like EP.  It includes my first-ever orchestral piece, entitled “Firestorm.”  It also includes a song called “Rosie,” which is a kind of 3-part voyage through my evolution as a beat-maker. Please enjoy “Rosie“.

Our Pathetic Age will be available, as always, on double-vinyl. We have also prepared bonus wax ((COLLECTOR ALERT)), containing instrumental versions of some of the rap tracks and limited to 1,000 copies, which will be exclusive to For digital archivists, there is a CD version, and of course, a range of other merchandise sympathetic to the release.

I worked for over 17 months on this double-album, and at all times, felt a strong desire to deliver my best and most personal work to date.  I wanted to seamlessly represent who I was, who I am, and who I hope to be, and for the songs to pack genuine emotional resonance. Despite the title, Our Pathetic Age is a hopeful, vibrant album.  As an artist, I feel an obligation to interpret the world around me, and there’s no denying that these are times fraught with angst and pain.  Yet, always there is light in darkness, and that’s the energy I have sought to harness. As always, thank you for sharing the journey with me, and I hope that the new album meets or surpasses your broadest expectations.    

DJ Shadow