Announcing Limited Edition ‘Dagger Man’ Action Figure Sculptures

HERE WE GO…get ready for one of the coolest products I’ve ever offered: a replica action figure of the menacing villain ‘Dagger Man,’ straight from the cover of my latest album, Action Adventure

Designed by renowned UK artist Peter Clark (aka Delicious Again Peter), these extremely limited resin sculptures resemble the action figures we all grew up playing with…but these are no toys, these are hand-painted, painstakingly crafted WORKS OF ART. 

Each figurine comes complete with diving fins and gas can, all housed on full-color backing board, just like the figures we collected back in the day.  But to make the whole presentation even MORE vivid, the entire package is wrapped in a custom-designed ‘flames and water’ o-card.  TOUGH! 

I can’t stress this enough: THESE ARE NOT TOYS.  The limbs don’t bend, and the resin sculptures are fragile…put it on a shelf, enjoy looking at it but please, do NOT give this to a child.  You wouldn’t want to risk it anyway…THESE ARE EXPENSIVE.  Why?  Because they’re literally hand-made, hand-painted, and hand-assembled by Peter Clark himself in his workshop; not a factory.  The cost is comparable to a high-end coffee table book or art print.

Because of the limited and exclusive nature of this product, we’re offering YOU, the die-hard fan, the first opportunity to sign up for the wait list for a chance to buy one of these incredibly rare and limited items.

Sign up to join the wait list, right at the link below. Within the next week, if your turn comes up in the queue (which is not guaranteed given how limited these items are), you’ll receive an email confirming your opportunity to purchase (there is no obligation, and again, even if you receive this email, we cannot guarantee your ability to purchase).  If you do NOT receive the purchase opportunity email by the end of April, it means that all of the available figures were sold to those who registered before you chronologically.  Those who receive the purchase opportunity email will have a designated time window to consummate their potential sale before his or her place is forfeited to the next customer on the list (to reiterate again, even if you receive an email with your chance to buy, your ability to obtain one of these items is not guaranteed).  

My label, Mass Appeal, and I split the available quantity between us.  I’ll be offering it first, right on, followed by Mass Appeal.  This means that even if you miss out on the first try here, you might still be able to purchase this product from Mass Appeal. 

I’m proud to be able to occasionally offer custom, high-end products to those that demand them.  In my opinion, this is the penultimate collector’s item commemorating an album I’m very proud of: Action Adventure.  

Good luck, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

- DJ Shadow